What are Roofline Facias?

The roofline of your home is made up of facias, soffits, guttering and bargeboards and is often overlooked in favour of tiles. Facias, are the long boards fitted below the bottom edge of a roof’s tiles, providing support as well as shielding your roof.

Don’t let your roofline be forgotten – make sure it receives the same level of attention as roof tiles to ensure your home is properly protected from the elements.

The complete replacement of your facias and soffits adds value to your property and provides a permanent solution in comparison to a cheap quick fix.

Facias And Soffits Replacement/Installation

​Replacing or installing facias and soffits is a commonly requested job and consists of either removing the current facias (sometimes old and/or rotten/worn-and-torn) and fitting new modern UPVC facias and soffits.

Are you looking for sound advice on your roofline? We are here to help! Our roof survey will uncover any underlying issues and we guarantee to offer you the best advice to ensure your property is safe. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.