Chimney flashing

Flashing for your Chimney

To guard against roof leaks, Chimney Flashing is required

For preventing the entrance of water into a roof, chimney flashing is the process used to seal up any existing spaces between the chimney and its roof. The intersection between a roof and a chimney has joints which are about the most vulnerable parts of a roofing system. The joints repeatedly expand and contract as a result of the constantly changing weather in Banbury and Oxfordshire.

Thanks to flashing, the expansions and contractions can occur naturally and the intersections are made impenetrable by water. Not fixing the flashing for your chimney well will make the roof susceptible to water seeping in through the joints, which upon entrance and over time will inevitably damage the roof and eventually through to the interior ceiling of your home. You can get a temporary fix from a less experienced roofer, who may choose to use tar to stop the leaking but this may cause further problems down the line and is why you should get a good roofer. When water leaks into the chimney, the ceiling around it begins to get brown and this is sign you need to call Acorn Roofing Services Ltd.

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