Old Flat Roof

Is your flat roof aging and in need of repair?

Do you have an old flat roof in need of a little attention? Mineral felt roofing is a traditional form of flat roof installation and is a great way to waterproof your property whilst still allowing it to breath, meaning that any moisture that does manage to get in, can get out again. This is key in avoiding any damp or mould problems. It’s also a very cost effective solution for a new roof, or for a flat roof refurbishment.

Alternatively, a more modern solution is GRP Roofing to replace your old flat roof. GRP has so many benefits over traditional building materials, it is now being used in the construction of everything from domestic conservatories and rooflights to office blocks, factories, bridges and even art galleries! Its versatility means that it can be used in any number of applications, both internal and external, and its low maintenance and long life span make it an extremely cost effective solution.

We would be happy to discuss your flat roofing requirements and advise on materials and methods to meet your requirements and project. Acorn Roofing Services Ltd have been working across Banbury and Oxfordshire since 2007, and there is no old flat roof problem they haven’t come across within their years of experience. If you’re looking for a reliable, cost effective and low maintenance roofing solution then look no further than roofing from Acorn Roofing Services Ltd. 

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