Acorn Roofing Services can provide your flat roof with life expectancy of more than 25 years

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Flat Roofs: More Attractive Now

Acorn Roofing Services can provide a flat roof on an extension, or replace an old/ poorly installed flat roof? Flat roofing solutions have improved drastically over the last 10 years with Flat Roofs now having life expectancies of more than 25 years. Flat roofs had a history of being cheap but problematic, however more recently, they are seen as a much more attractive solution with options like – EPDM roofing

Save money with a new roof!

Get a flat roof when you need one with Acorn Roofing Services—we can help! Our options include EPDM, GRP, and more. We install them for quality and durability.

Not every roof requires an emergency call-out, but some do. Acorn Roofing Services have the experience and expertise to make sure your roof is in good shape again before you need it. Contact us today for the cost effective solution that’s perfect for your property.

Renovations project with flat roof structure
Flat roof heat application

Protect your property from damp and mould with a new roof!

With EDPM or GRP roofing, you can protect your home from damp and mould for up to 25 years. For a new roof solution or for flat roof refurbishment, Acorn Roofing Services has the perfect solution. We can help with your flat roof needs – whether that be a new one or just a bit of TLC to improve an old one.

A flat roof is only as good as it’s materials.

If you’re looking for a new roof and want to avoid the damp and mould problems that can come with an old flat roof, a traditional solution like mineral felt is perfect. Alternatively, consider GRP Roofing which offers benefits such as long-term durability, low weight and easy installation.

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We are a team of professional roofers with years of experience in the industry.

We are passionate about what we do and take pride in our workmanship. We only use the highest quality materials and products to ensure that your roof will be durable and long lasting.

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